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All Out to Demand the End to War in Afghanistan! All U.S. Troops Home Now
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All Out to Demand the End to War in Afghanistan!
All U.S. Troops Home Now

As Americans across the country are participating in many demonstrations, vigils, meetings and more to demand End the War in Afghanistan Now! the White House announced that this option is not even on the table for discussion. Leaving Afghanistan is not an option, the White House said. The demonstrators, representing the majority of Americans, have made clear that there is a solution to the situation: All U.S. Troops Home Now! This solution recognizes the rights of the people of Afghanistan to determine their own affairs, it recognizes the responsibility of the U.S. to stay out of the affairs of other countries and respect international law against aggressive wars, and it increases the security of the peoples at home and abroad by eliminating the killing and destruction of war and the many hundreds of billions in public funds spent for imperialist wars against the peoples. It is U.S. aggressive wars that are greatly increasing insecurity for all concerned.

U.S. commander in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal recently called publicly for the administration to add many more troops, up to 45,000 more. This would bring total U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan to 113,000. There are also 35,000 troops from some 50 other countries serving under NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The combined troop level under McChrystal's command will be 148,000 if the larger troop deployment takes place. This would be the largest foreign occupation force in the history of Afghanistan, larger than the estimated 115,000 the Soviet Union had deployed twenty years ago.

The government would do well to remember that the people of Afghanistan defeated the Soviets, and the resistance is defeating the U.S. as well. A people with a just cause, like the Afghanistanis, Iraqis and Vietnamese and Koreans before them, are bound to emerge victorious. Yet recognizing this reality and standing for what is just and necessary is “not an option.”

The public, through the demonstrations and numerous means, are standing up for the rights of the peoples here and abroad and demanding that the government do the same. The government is refusing to even consider the stand that the majority is demanding, which is End the Wars Now! All Troops Home Now!Stop Funding War! Increase Funding for Social Programs! And the fact that all the various options being debated start by maintaining U.S. occupation forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan and serve to trample on the rights of the peoples here and abroad goes directly against democracy.

The necessity to empower the people so that the majority has power and their demands are implemented comes ever more sharply to the fore in the current situation of increased war and attacks on rights. What is needed is an anti-war government of politicians from among the people that represent their option to end imperialist war and aggression. Let all utilize the many organizing efforts underway to strengthen the people’s fighting forces and their fight for empowerment — within our many collectives, at our schools and workplaces, and in the electoral arena.

Fight for politics of empowerment!
Organize for an anti-war government!


October 5

Join us at the White House to Act Against the Afghanistan War!

Join us October 5 when we visit the White House, and sign the petition to President Barack Obama demanding an end to the war now. We will be gathering at McPherson Square (15th and I Streets NW) at 10 a.m. on Monday, October 5th and then silently processing (two and a half blocks) to the White House to deliver a letter to Obama and request a meeting. The gathering will feature Baltimore peace activists Liz McAlister as a speaker.

We are calling for withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, ending the illegal bombing with U.S. drones, including neighboring Pakistan, and the closing of the Bagram prison and ending indefinite detention and torture. We are calling for an end to these wars and occupations, including that of Iraq, so that our resources can be used for life-sustaining actions including the funding and the rebuilding of Afghanistan’s and Iraq's infrastructure and medical assistance to Afghans and Iraqis, in addition to poverty reduction programs in the United States and world wide. We are calling for accountability for those who have committed war crimes.

Call on President Obama to End the War and Occupation of Afghanistan!

In front of the White House we will be joined by various affinity groups, such as the Atlantic Life Community, Witness Against Torture, Veterans for Peace, World Can't Wait, and Activist Response Team. Other groups fully endorsing the action and participating are Peace Action, Code Pink, the War Resisters' League, Voters for Peace, the Washington Peace Center, and Student Peace Action Network. For those actively participating, we ask that either a "We Will Not Be Silent" t-shirt, or a simple black shirt be worn.

Petition to Obama

We, the undersigned, assert our Constitutional rights in demanding the United States Government cease its immoral and unlawful combat operations and military occupation of the nation of Afghanistan. The proud people of Afghanistan deserve the same right to self-determination we enjoy without foreign influence. U.S. troops need to be withdrawn from Afghan soil, no permanent military bases are to remain, and the bombing of Pakistan is to be immediately stopped. […]


October 6 Actions

Youth Oppose Military Recruiters

As school starts back up, look around at the world that our generation is going to inherit. More than 1 million Iraqis are dead in the war, and 5 million have been forced to leave their homes. Despite President Barack Obama’s promise to remove U.S. troops, he is calling them advisors while leaving them in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan, which we are told is the “good war” where the “real” terrorists are, is going into its ninth year. It is based on lies, just like the war in Iraq. What the United States is doing there is horrible and brutal, torturing people and bombing civilians while they sleep, just like the war in Iraq.

Is this OK because Obama — and not Bush — is in charge?

Obama sent 21,000 more troops to kill and die in Afghanistan, and plans to increase the size of the military by 92,000. Where are these soldiers going to come from? They are your classmates and friends, your brothers and sisters.

This is why the military recruiters are everywhere these days — at school in the cafeteria, on college campuses, at the mall, in video games and TV commercials… lying and trying to suck youth into fighting their wars. They roll up in their Hummers talking about strength and discipline, about how the military will give you a “life with a purpose.” But what kind of purpose?

You can kill and torture innocent people — and probably ruin your own life because of what you have seen and done — for an empire that causes misery for the planet, or… you can be about putting an end to all that and creating a better world.

Imagine if school administrations and teachers did not allow recruiters onto campus. Imagine if students looked at recruiters as the predators they are and no longer considered the Army a legitimate “career option.” We need a culture of defiance and resistance to military recruiters in high schools across the country.

Do not be fooled! These wars are just as bad under President Obama as they were under George Bush. This culture of resistance needs to strengthen October 6! No matter where you are, you have a voice! Whether we resist military recruiters has everything to do with the future we will get.

On Tuesday, October 6 students can:

• Wear an orange bandanna or ribbon (the color against torture and war) to show the scope of the movement

• Show a film of Iraq veterans telling about the war crimes the U.S. military committed. Invite anti-war veterans to talk to your class or assembly.

• Confront military recruiters at your school or in the mall, telling them why you refuse to sign up, so that other students hear your side.

• Protest at a military recruiting office and call the media to let them know why.


Chicago Actions to End War in Afghanistan

On October 3 numerous Chicago organizations joined together to march in Hyde Park, near Barack Obama’s home. They brought the demand of Americans across the country to the President: Bring All U.S. Troops Home Now! Mobilizing work for the march brought out that “After 8 years of death and destruction, the Obama Administration is considering sending even MORE troops to occupy Afghanistan. Join the march in the President's neighborhood!”

March participants report that African American residents of the area joined the march and others saluted demonstrators as they passed by, expressing their support for the demand to Bring Troops Home Now. Speakers gave powerful testimony about why the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan are completely unjust and illegal wars of aggression. Speakers brought in other injustices conducted by or supported by U.S. imperialism — in Honduras, Palestine, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere.

Everyone was also urged to participate in the additional anti-war Chicago rallies on October 6 at 4pm at the State of Illinois Building and at 5pm on October 7 at Water Tower Park. People were also encouraged to participate in the next planning meeting of the organizing coalition, Tuesday, October 20 at 6:30 at the West Town Law Offices, 2502 W. Division.

Saturday's march was endorsed by the following groups: 8th Day Center for Justice Albany Park, North Park; Mayfair Neighbors for Peace & Justice; American Friends Service Committee; Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism; Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait ; Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights; Chicago Peace Pledge; Code Pink; Cook County Green Party; DAWN (DuPage Against War Now); Elect Matt Reichel to Congress; Gay Liberation Network; Hammerhard Media Works; Hey Neighbor Project of Resources Unlimited Foundation; International Socialist Organization; Joe Balkis; La Voz de los de los de Abajo; National Boricua Human Rights Campaign; National Lawyers Guild, Chicago Chapter; Near West Citizens for Peace & Justice; Neighbors for Peace; North Shore Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment; Palestine Solidarity Group; UIC Political Discussion and Action Group; Veterans For Peace, Chicago Chapter; Voices for Creative Nonviolence; Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ; West Suburban Peace Coalition

October 6, 2009: No Escalation! End Wars, Occupations and Torture for Empire Now!

Rally October 6, 4-6 pm, at the Thompson Center, Randolph & Dearborn, in the Loop. “We are reaching out to high school and college students, organizing a movement of resistance to military recruitment, that will culminate in a rally and outpouring of protest and opposition to continuing wars, occupations and torture on October 6. If you voted for Obama, a debate over massive troop escalation OR even more drone attacks on civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan is surely not the "change" you wanted. Now is the time to join and build this movement.” Sponsored by Chicago World Can’t Wait, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace.

October 7: Bring the Troops Home Now!

End Colonial Occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti . . .

Money for Healthcare, Jobs, Housing, Education, Not for War!

Wednesday, October 7, 5 pm Chicago Water Tower Michigan Ave. at Pearson St.

Call 773-463-0311 for more information, to volunteer or to endorse.

For busses from Islamic Community Center of Illinois call 773-255-3292

Bring your signs, banners and voices of protest!


October 3 & 4

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit Protests War in Afghanistan

The Eyes Wide Open exhibit was displayed at the Washington, DC Ellipse (between the National Mall and White House) to oppose the war in Afghanistan. The Exhibit was originally put together by the American Friends Service Committee to commemorate, with empty boots, the U.S. military lives lost in Iraq, and Iraqi civilians killed there as well. It has been displayed across the country with a focus on Iraq. But on October 3 and 4, for the first time, the display opposed the war in Afghanistan. There were 870 boots for military killed since 2001 in Afghanistan. Next to them was a spiral of shoes of all kinds and sizes, down to infant socks, dedicated to the Afghanistani civilians, number unknown — but in the tens of thousands at minimum — who have died in the occupation. Thousands of people came by, and hundreds walked among the boots, including active duty soldiers and Marines who had been in Afghanistan. They indicate that a lot of people in the military are questioning the unjust wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.


Veterans for Peace

October Actions Opposing War in Afghanistan

October 7 marks the eighth year of the war on Afghanistan. Join Veterans For Peace (VFP), Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) as we continue to resist this ongoing war and occupation. Because of his increase of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, this is becoming President Barack Obama's war and we must hold him accountable. However we must never forget that citizen money and citizen silence allows the war in Afghanistan to continue. Veterans For Peace encourages each chapter to hold local events to actively resist this war and occupation.

Southern and Eastern States


Tampa Bay

Vigil for Peace, October 7, 4-7pm near the headquarters of U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special (Black) Operations

Join members of Veterans For Peace Chapter 119, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Military Families Speak Out, Code Pink, St. Pete for Peace as concerned Americans who continue to resist this ongoing war and occupation. The Vigil will form up on the corner sidewalk of Gandy and Dale Mabry on the Exxon/Mobil station sidewalk.

To our South is the main gate of MacDill USAFB and the headquarters for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and U.S. Special Operations. USCENTCOM oversees 250 million people in 25 countries in Southwest Asia and Africa and coordinates the occupations. USSOCCOM units launched the invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, less than one month after 9-11 and a generation after the Soviet invasion of 1979.

This is a silent Vigil, yet we can chant and sing peace songs and listen to the beat from the drummers who participate.

Contact Jay Alexander • 727-525-8769h • 727-412-5792c,

Daytona Beach

Screening of "The New American Century," October 7, 7pm Seabreeze Coffee Connection, 315 Seabreeze Blvd, Daytona Beach

Central Florida VFP to screen "The New American Century" in Daytona Beach, Wednesday October 7th to mark 8th anniversary of U.S. bombing and invasion of Afghanistan. On Wednesday, October 7th beginning at 7:00 PM, you will learn the truth behind the October 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Join us in the first ever Central Florida screening of the new Massimo Mazzucco film "The New American Century". This film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, who's unfolding is described in chilling detail in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) blueprint document "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources For a New American Century", published in September of 2000 ... one year before the 9/11 attacks.

Contact: Phil Restino of Central Florida Veterans For Peace, VFP Chapter 136: 386-788-2918w • 386-235-3268c • •



Popular Education Panel to Mark Ninth Anniversary of War in Afghanistan, October 7, 6-8pm, Friends Meeting House 530 26th Ave North

October 7, 2009 marks the ninth anniversary of the current occupation of Afghanistan. At a time when President Obama is increasing the troops in Afghanistan and escalating the war, people of conscience are organizing to resist the war and educate the public on the real issues that are driving U.S. military policy in the Middle East. In concert with hundreds of educational events happening about the current wars in the Middle East, the Nashville Peace Coalition announced today a popular education panel on Wednesday, October 7 at the Friends Meeting House, 530 26th Ave N, in Nashville from 6pm - 8pm. The panel will address current U.S. occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as military incursions into Pakistan. Panelists will include:

• Dr Amir Arain: A native of Pakistan and Outreach Director of the Islamic Center of Nashville

• John Miglietta: Professor of Political Science at Tennessee State University and policy specialist on Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan

• Jane Hussein: Author and Educator with current family members serving overseas in the Middle East

Elizabeth Barger: Organizer of Code Pink Tennessee presenting on U.S. Drone Plane attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Joey King: Veterans for Peace

Refreshments will be served from 6-6:30pm followed by presentations by panelists and questions and answers. The event is free and open to the public.

Contact Joey King 615-485-1616

New York

New York City

End the War in Afghanistan Grand Central Station, October 7, 5-6:30pm

Participants will come dressed for a wedding party to the great hall of Grand Central Station. Those of us who pay attention know what happens to wedding parties in Afghanistan when the U.S. decides civilians should not gather in large groups – but the general public in the U.S. doesn't necessarily know. Bring cameras and be ready to play a variety of roles, including talking with the public about why the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan must end.


Opposing War in Afghanistan, October 7, 12 noon, Congressman Murphy's office on Broadway, Saratoga

Chapter 147 of VFP and other peace organizations will engage dialogue with representatives of Congressman Murphy's staff on bringing the war in Afghanistan to an end. There will also be people standing outside the office with signs.

Contact David at




Vigil For Peace, University of Southern Indiana, October 7, 7pm

Co-sponsored by USI Department of Social Work. We are gathering at the Labyrinth for reflection, song & dance for peace. We will have a letter to President Obama demanding cessation of combat in Afghanistan for attendees to sign.

Contact: Gary E. May •



Vigil for Peace, at the corner of East Johnson and Wisconsin Ave, as well as Blair/Williamson and John Nolan, October 7, 4-6pm

Contact: Steve Books, books24u •

West Coast

Washington State


One More Day Too Many Vigil, October 7, 4-5pm, Guide Meridian and Telegraph Rd (in front of Denny's), Bellingham

Join VFP-111 and Whatcom Peace and Justice to oppose the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. With “Obama’s War” on the verge of major escalations with additional troops and drone attacks, it’s more important now than ever to stay out in front of this issue. Don’t let the day go by without reminding the Whatcom county commuters that mounting casualties in our Forever War is not the change that we can believe in. One more death is one too many and one more day is too long. Bring some signs, banners, whatever – wear VFP gear or black if you can – and stand with us.

Contact: Gene Marx,

Port Angles

Rally to End War in Afghanistan, October 10, 12 noon-2pm Veterans Park, Lincoln St. & 3rd St., Port Angles


Seattle protests against the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan - October 7 & 17

October marks the eighth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. It is also the month that President Obama will decide whether to grant the Army's request for 40,000 more U.S. troops, on top of the 60,000 already in Afghanistan. The last few months have been the deadliest yet for U.S. and NATO troops (and Afghanis?). The blatantly fraudulent election further undermines the U.S. rationale for remaining in Afghanistan. The most classified portion of General McChrystal's report, now also leaked, says he will need up to 500,000 troops, and several presidential terms, to get the job done. The stated U.S. goal, to defeat Al-Qaeda, is for public consumption only. Not discussed by political and military leaders, or the corporate media, is the real reason for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, which, as with Iraq, was also planned before 9/11. The primary purpose of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan is to secure oil pipelines and control the flow of oil.

Wednesday, October 7, 5 pm — The ANSWER Coalition is calling for a rally at 23rd & Jackson in Seattle.

Saturday, Oct. 17, 1 pm — The Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee and VVAW-AI are calling for people to gather at Seattle Central Community College, Broadway and Pine, and march thru Capitol Hill and the International District, ending up at Westlake Park, 4th & Pine in downtown Seattle.

Contact: Cherie Eichholz,


Support the Troops - End the War, October 7, 5-6pm, Union Station, 1717 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

Bring your own signs or borrow ours. Free Lawn Signs. Park at the Tacoma Dome Transit Park n' Ride and take the free Tacoma Link Light Rail to the station to the UW stop.

Contact: •



Helping Corvallis to "Rethink Afghanistan", October 7, 6:30pm, First United Methodist Church (Martha Room), 1165 NW Monroe, Corvallis

Following the nightly peace vigil, VFP 132 will host a screening of the Brave New Foundation film, "Rethink Afghanistan." Corvallis has held a one-hour peace vigil in front of our County Courthouse every night since October 7, 2001. This year, on October 7, our peace community will conduct a special vigil opposing the eighth year of the Afghanistan occupation.

Contact: Bob Stebbins, VFP 132 chapter president or Bart Bolger, •


Santa Barbara

Crosses memorializing all those who died in the war in Afghanistan, On the beach immediately west of Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, October 4, 2009, all day

Contact: Mary Johnston-de Leon •


Anti-War demonstration, October 7, 4-5pm, 15 & L Sts, Sacramento

Our weekly Wednesday anti-war demonstration. We will also be doing peace vigils early Monday and Tuesday at freeway off ramps, and serving food at the local homeless shelter Tuesday noon. We encourage members to support scheduled demonstrations in San Francisco during the week.

Contact: John Reiger •



Anti-military recruiter table, October 6, 10-12noon at the Campus Center, University of Hawaii.

(For additional listings for October anti-war actions see VOR September 11 Update,,,


see National Assembly Against the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
for local listings:


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