Demonstrate March 20, Washington, DC
U.S. Out of Afghanistan and Iraq Now! Free Palestine! Reparations for Haiti!
The Only Way to Peace is Through the People
In Support of the March on Washington, D.C. and Demonstrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles on March 20, 2010

Demonstrate March 20, Washington, DC

U.S. Out of Afghanistan and Iraq Now!
Free Palestine! Reparations for Haiti!

People from all over the country are organizing to converge on Washington, D.C., to demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq.

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, there will be a National March & Rally in D.C. Rally at the White House, in Lafayette Park, 12 noon. A day of action and outreach in Washington, D.C., will take place on Friday, March 19, preceding the Saturday march. There will be coinciding mass marches on March 20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The national actions are initiated by a large number of organizations and prominent individuals.

We will march together to say “No Wars and Occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti!” We will march together to say “No War Against Iran!” We will march together to say “No War for Empire Anywhere!”

Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing.

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the criminal war of aggression launched by Bush and Cheney against Iraq. One million or more Iraqis have died. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops have lost their lives or been maimed, and continue to suffer a whole host of enduring problems from this terrible war.

This is the time for united action. The slogans on banners may differ, but all those who carry them are marching shoulder to shoulder.

No Wars and Occupations
in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti!

No War Against Iran!
No War for Empire Anywhere!


The Only Way to Peace is Through the People

The only way to peace is through the people. The objective of Camp OUT NOW is to: “Clog Washington, DC every week day through diffuse Civil Resistance (CR) actions to have the effect of tampering with ‘business as usual’ in the Capital of the United States of America.”

Our demands are simple:

• Troops out of the Middle East, which includes drones, permanent bases, contractors and torture/detention facilities.

• Reparations for the peoples of these war torn regions and a fully funded VA system to reintegrate our soldiers healthfully into our society.

Most of the rest of the world is aware that the U.S. is a Military/Corporate Empire and that the spread of this Empire is harmful globally to peace, the environment, and economic health. Part of Camp OUT NOW’s mission is to bring awareness to Americans about the profound cost to all of us from this Empire.

We need as many people as possible who realize that time is running short for us to truly affect change by commitment and dedication to humanity through ending the U.S. Empire (and its subsidiaries).

Beginning March 13, we will erect a tent city on the grounds of the Washington Monument to house, feed and otherwise care for everyone who participates and needs a place to stay.

Your commitment can range from the entire action: Until our demands are met; or any other chunk of time that you are available.

Acts of civil resistance will begin on Monday, March 22nd and we will end when the troops start to come home.

Individual commitment will entail an at least a once a week CR mission and support to the group at large through contributing to the running and infrastructure of our encampment and the care and feeding of activists.

Spread the Word! The U.S. Military/Corporate Empire is destined to crumble. Come be part of a historic action!


Call to Action!

In Support of the March on Washington, D.C. and Demonstrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles on March 20, 2010

The National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations joins with other coalitions, organizations and networks in urging an all-out March 20 bi-coastal mobilization of all opponents of the U.S. wars and occupations. We urge support for these critical demands: Increase Spending by Hundreds of Billions for Jobs, Health Care, Education, Housing and the Environment! End U.S. Wars, Occupations and Corporate Bailouts Now and Use the Money to Meet Human Needs!

We are heartened by the growing opposition to the war in Afghanistan being expressed in the labor movement. On October 17, 2009 the Wisconsin AFL-CIO unanimously approved a statement that says, “We need to stop the war in Afghanistan and focus the nation’s attention on the fight for jobs, education, health care and pensions.” On October 21, 2009 The Troy Area Labor Council [New York], AFL-CIO unanimously passed a resolution with a similar message, while also calling upon the AFL-CIO to organize a national march on Washington for Peace, Jobs and Health Care Justice. In succeeding days, the Wisconsin American Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers Local 1021 [Los Angeles] also passed resolutions calling for an end to the U.S. government’s war and occupation of Afghanistan. The list of unions speaking out in the same vein is certain to grow as support for the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan continues to crumble. While we enthusiastically welcome this development, the National Assembly will at the same time continue to urge the labor movement and other sections of the population to march behind banners demanding: Bring the Troops Home Now from Afghanistan!

March 20, the date that marks the beginning of the eighth year of the occupation of Iraq, is the time to mobilize in the streets and reorient the nation’s priorities for the good of all the people.

With each passing day, more U.S. troops — and more Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis and Palestinians — pay with their lives and limbs in these endless wars and occupations waged for oil, pipelines, and the enhancement of U.S. military and economic power, not for “democracy” or “eliminating terrorism.” Occupation is not liberation. Moreover, the U.S. uses weapons of mass destruction killing mainly civilians. The majority of the peoples in the U.S. occupied countries demand that U.S. and other foreign troops be withdrawn now.

The current economic crisis underscores the need for an emergency jobs program, health care for all, and other human services. The obscene spending on the war machine now approaches a trillion dollars a year.

While the nation’s legislators refuse to enact a single-payer health care system that would guarantee health care for all, they vote to perpetuate a dysfunctional system that enriches the insurance companies by billions of dollars, while further jeopardizing women’s rights. At the same time, Congress votes to appropriate billions more to continue the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and grants a trillion dollars, without strings attached, to the same banks and corporations that loot our pensions, take our jobs, foreclose our homes and gut our educational systems.

The U.S. threatens new wars and supports dictatorships and coups to suppress popular movements that call for needed change. Columbia has seven U.S. bases under construction aimed at Latin America’s struggling people. The U.S. government gives backing to the Honduran coup makers. Drones guided by computer and satellite facilities operated remotely at the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada rain death and destruction on the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the time for action to stop these criminal policies!

History teaches that politicians talk of needed change, but only people united in struggle make it happen. Union rights, civil rights, women’s rights, ending the Vietnam War, LGBT rights, and virtually every progressive change has been the product of organized movements made up of huge numbers of people that challenged the status quo and the power structure that exists to protect vested financial interests – not ours.

We are confident that such a movement is in the making today. The challenge we face is to give it voice and make it visible in the streets of this nation so that the demands for peace and social justice can be won. For its part, the National Assembly will mobilize with the following demands.

Close Military Bases & Bring the Troops Home Now from Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan!
End the Bombing of Afghanistan and Pakistan Now!
Money for Jobs, Human Needs and the Environment, Not Wars and Corporate Bailouts!
End U.S. Support for the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and End the Siege of Gaza!
No Attacks Against Iran!
End War Crimes Including Torture!



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