Demand Obama Stop Raids and ICE Collaboration with Local Police
People of Arizona Oppose Government Attacks on Immigrants (photos)



Demand Obama Stop Raids and ICE Collaboration with Local Police

People of Arizona Oppose
Government Attacks on Immigrants

The stand of the people in Arizona has been firmly in defense of immigrant rights. Tens of thousands of signatures on petitions, phone calls and emails to Governor Jan Brewer have been overwhelmingly for the rights of immigrants. The Governor’s office admits that 85 percent of people contacting her oppose Senate Bill (SB) 1070, which has institutionalized government profiling by local police in conjunction with the federal government. Everywhere the demand is for rights.

In the days leading up to passage of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 people of Arizona held daily vigils and protests. Students marched out of classes and rallied at the state house in Phoenix. Similarly, as people waited for Governor Jan Brewer to sign the bill into law, youth and many others continued actions, including chaining themselves to the doors of the Capitol. Since Governor Brewer signed the bill into law, more protests, vigils, petitions, informational websites and more have developed. On April 25, thousands protested in Phoenix, joined by people from Texas and California.

The law does not go into effect until 90 days after the end of this legislative session, which will be early August. Numerous actions, including lawsuits are already underway, currently focused on mobilizing for May Day actions across the country. In the spirit of All for One and One for All, many national minorities that have faced government profiling and state terrorism — such as African Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans Arab and South Asian Americans — all have expressed their support and defense of immigrant rights.

A main demand being raised is for President Barack Obama to freeze all raids and federal government programs involving collaboration with local police, such as “Secure Communities,” “CAP” and “287g.” These programs are based on policy of the executive, not laws. There is no requ9rement for the government to carry out massive raids, such as the recent one in Arizona where 800 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid four communities in order to detain 47 people. The federal government is carrying out this terrorism. Immigration law is federal law. The ability of SB 1070 in Arizona to function is entirely dependent on the federal government. Obama can immediately and legally stop the raids and federal collaboration with local police. People of Arizona and those across the country are demanding that he do so now.



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