Fight for an Anti-War Government
Actions Across the Country Say No to War on Syria and Iran


Fight for an Anti-War Government

Actions Across the Country Say
No War on Syria and Iran

Demonstrations opposing war against Syria and Iran were held in cities across the country February 4, 2012. The demonstrations, part of a National Day of Action saw protests in more than 70 cities nationwide and others internationally. Thousands demonstrated across the country, denouncing the growing threats against Iran, demanding no sanctions, no assassinations, no intervention and no war. Major cities with protests included Honolulu, Hawai’i, Seattle, Washington; San Francisco and Los Angeles California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Phoenix and Tucson Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Dallas and Houston, Texas; Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Cincinnati, Ohio; Albany, Buffalo, and New York City, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, Florida and more.

The actions were organized through joint efforts of various anti-war organizations and youth and others taking their stand. Many demonstrations, such as those in Buffalo and San Francisco, opposed threats of war against Syria, which may in fact be the next country the U.S. invades. Already efforts are being made to arm mercenaries and put Special Forces inside the country. Again the claim is being made that it is necessary to invade Syria to “protect” civilians and provide “humanitarian aid.” President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are both insisting that there be regime change. Once again, use of force and efforts to foment civil war are used to block the Syrian people from deciding their own affairs while convincing Americans that invasion is justified.

Experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine and elsewhere all show U.S. interference means death, destruction and occupation for the peoples. It solves no problem and directly undermines relations of friendship and mutual respect and equality, which are the relations the American people want and demand. Many demonstrating took their stand for the fraternal unity of the peoples by rejecting U.S. war and sanctions and demanding All U.S. Troops Home Now!

The actions also affirmed that part of the U.S. and Israeli threats against Iran and Syria in the region serve U.S.-Israeli efforts to exterminate the Palestinian people and crush resistance in Lebanon as well. Syria in particular is a block against such efforts, another reason the U.S. may well strike there first. As signs brought out: Support Palestine, Oppose War Against Syria and Iran!

Signs also put forward the call to Fight for an Anti-War Government. In this election year it is vital to redouble efforts to discuss and find practical means to bring into being an anti-war government. This is the contribution Americans can make to peace and security here and worldwide. Let there be anti-war candidates, let there be broad promotion among the workers fighting for rights to come forward as worker politicians representing an anti-war, pro-social agenda.



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