Ferguson October 10-13
Ferguson Actions Oppose State Organized Racist Attacks and Demand Justice Now


Ferguson October 10-13

Ferguson Actions Oppose State Organized Racist Attacks and Demand Justice Now

October 10, 2014

October 10 saw a demonstration targeting the St Louis County Court House and District Attorney McCulloch, demanding that he be removed for his systematic failure to indict police who have killed unarmed black men in the area. This includes Officer Darren Wilson who killed unarmed African American teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson. Protesters opposed government abuse of power and defended their right to resist. Actions included a march on the Ferguson police station in the evening.

October 11, 2014

October 11 saw a demonstration bringing thousands together from across the country to stand against police killings and racist state attacks, demanding Justice for All Now! Sizeable delegations from Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis and LA — including a large number of Palestinians — joined those from St. Louis and elsewhere in denouncing police terror and government racism. Evening actions included a sit-in at a gas station and marching on the Ferguson police station.

October 12-13, 2013

October 12-13 saw a late-night march to the University of Washington in St. Louis, with about 1,000 people demonstrating at the campus with students joining in the sit-in. A number of actions took place across the city October 13, including shutting down three Walmarts, starting with the one in Ferguson, in unity with those in Ohio opposing the killing of unarmed African American John Crawford in a Walmart there. As well, there were actions at City Hall and the Ferguson police station holding government to account; at a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate where Senator Claire McCaskill was present; and banners were unfurled at a St. Louis Rams game affirming that Black Lives Matter. A number of arrests occurred but demonstrators continued undaunted, as they have since August 9.



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