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Fight for an Anti-War Government


USMLO is putting forward for discussion the following proposal for the program for an anti-war government:

1) Outlaw any and all U.S. involvement in wars of aggression and the use of force in settling conflicts between nations and peoples;

2) No U.S. Troops Abroad;

3) Cancel the Debts of all the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America;

4) Pay Reparations Now for all the crimes of slavery and all crimes of the U.S. government, present and past; and

5) End all support for Israel and act to end the occupation of Palestine now, beginning with withdrawal to the 1967 borders.




Article Update - December 10, 2006

No to U.S. War and Aggression!

Stand with the Iranian People! No to U.S. War and Aggression!
Unions Stand Against War on Iran
President of Iran Letter to the American People

U.S. Must Disarm Now
No to Nuclear Bombplex 2030
U.S. Must Disarm Now!
United States Rides Weapons Bonanza Wave

United Effort Defends War Resisters
Days of Action to Support GI Resistance and GI Rights
Buffalo Welcomes Carolyn Ho

Article Update - December 8, 2006

Salute to Cuba

Salute to Cuba! Long Live Fidel!
Message from President Fidel Castro
Memory and Future: Cuba and Fidel
Magnificent “All Voices Together” Concert at Anti-Imperialist Tribune
Armed Forces Day and 50 Anniversary of Landing of the Granma
Your Duty to Humanity Is to Look After Yourself and Go on Living

Congratulations to the Peoples of the Americas
People Vote for Change, Reject U.S. Interference
Decisive Victory for Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Alternative

Article Update - December 6, 2006

End the Occupation Now

All Out To Defend Palestine
Toward a Palestinian Popular Conference in the US
Al-Awda West Coast Regional Conference
MIFTAH Calls for Universal Support of Palestinian Rights
Palestinians Are Being Denied the Right of Non-Violent Resistance
Ethnic Cleansing and Israel’s Racist Discourse

Unite in Defense of the Rights of All
Condemn U.S. Genocide in Afghanistan
Muslims and the Media

Article Update - November 20, 2006

We Are All Palestinians

Condemn U.S.-Israeli Genocide in Palestine
We Overcame Our Fear
Stand Up and Stop the Massacres in Palestine
Oppose Palestine Massacres
Palestinians Massacred in Gaza and U.S. Remains Silent
World Horrified by Beit Hanoun Massacre
Massacre Sparks Large Hebron Protest
U.S. Vetoes UN Draft Resolution on Beit Hanoun

Article Update - November 17, 2006

People Refuse to be Pushed Out of the Equation
Support GI Resistance and Rights
Active-Duty Troops Organize Against Iraq War
Military Families Honor Iraqi War Victims & Demand Troops Home Now
Impeachment by Spring
Tell the New Congress: Act Now to Bring the Troops Home!
Human Rights Groups Demand War Crimes Charges Against Rumsfeld
We the People are Setting the Table Now

Article Update - November 11, 2006

2006 Mid-Term Elections
Salute the Anti-War Candidates
Overwhelming Support for Anti-War Referenda
People Reject U.S. War and Repression, Prepare to Hold Democrats Accountable
U.S. Elections Rigged Against Anti-War Candidates
Some Facts Concerning 2006 Mid-Term Election Results
Pennsylvania Court Upholds Rigged Election
What Deal Was Made?

Article Update - November 6, 2006

On November 7 Vote Anti-War Candidates!
On November 7 Vote Anti-War Candidates
A Nation Still at War - Cindy Sheehan
2006 Election to Cost $2.6 Billion
How to Steal an Election with a Diebold Machine
Fraud of "Voter Fraud"
More Than Five Million People Denied Right to Vote
Lawsuits Block Voter ID Laws
Election 2006: The Fix Is Already In - John Walsh, CounterPunch
Another Stolen Election? - Prof. Michael Keefer, GlobalResearch.ca
A Vote on the Iraq War - Michael Schwartz, Asia Times

Article Update - October 12, 2006

Progress Demands Thinking Americans
Resist the Criminalization of Ideology
Bush Speeches
U.S. Fears Growing Resistance, Organizes to Criminalize Ideology
Youth Sent Home for T-Shirts
Church Targeted by Government for Anti-War Sermon
In Case I Disappear
Rushing Off a Cliff
AP Propaganda About Iraq

Resistance Continues Against Bush reaction
World Can’t Wait Actions: Drive Out the Bush Regime
Military Commissions Act Challenged
Bush is After Our Rights
A Constitutional Shredding: Rounding Up U.S. Citizens
Now That You Could be Labeled an Enemy Combatant...

Article Update - October 9

School Shootings in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
Organize Together to Avert Such Tragedies President Bush Speaking on School Shootings, Defends Hastert
Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006
Turning Teachers and School Officials into Police
Letter from a Teacher Educator
Use of Police in Schools Threatens the Authority of Teachers and the Public

Article Update - September 26, 2006

International Campaign to Free the Cuban Five and Oppose U.S. State Terrorism
Actions Around the World
Solidarity Message from Cuban Five Relatives of Terrorist Plane Bombing Demand Justice Cuba Denounces U.S. for Not Charging Posada Carriles With Terrorism
Cuba Proven Right Over Bogus Journalists

Article Update - September 15, 2006

Fifth Anniversary of September 11
Salute to All Those Standing Up for Rights! Build Resistance to U.S. Imperialism! Salute the Struggle of the Peoples of the World to Affirm Themselves! All for One and One for All!
Can Americans Trust the Government to Protect Them?
Government Responsibility & Lessons from the World Trade Center Ground Zero and the Aftermath of Katrina

Building Resistance to U.S. Aggression and War
Thousands Demonstrate Against War and Repression
Demonstrate Against Bush: Action Against Iraq War Affirms Right to Protest Declaration of Peace: Take Action to End the U.S. War in Iraq!
Declare Peace with CodePink in Washington, DC
Hundreds of Military Veterans Stand Up for Lt. Watada
A Travesty of Justice: Stop The Court-Martial of Lt. Watada -September 11, 2006
Fact-Finding & Solidarity Delegation in Lebanon

Article Update - August 30, 2006

The US is the Nuclear Threat
Enrichment Suspension Not on Iran’s Agenda
Position of Iranian UN Delegation on Resolution 1696
Security Council Resolution 1696 on Iran
Little Chance of Nuclear Compromise

Free the Cuban Five
Join the September 23 Action in DC!
Cuban Five Political Prisoners Opposed Terrorism
Statement from Cuba’s Parliament on Cuban Five Case

Article Update - August 15, 2006

DC, SF, LA Actions Defending Lebanon and Palestine
Bush is the Terrorist! Resistance is a Right!

No to U.S. Dictate at the United Nations

Defend the Rights to Sovereignty and Resistance

The U.S.-imposed draft resolution on Lebanon is a recipe for more war and attacks on the rights of the people. The resolution under discussion at the United Nations Security Council is aimed at imposing another Israeli occupation in Lebanon while also crushing the resistance. There is no demand in the resolution for Israel to withdraw from Lebanon. There is no requirement for Israel to release the many thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners, many of them women and children.

There is not even a requirement for Israel to stop its aggression. Instead, Israel is only called on to stop “all offensive military operations,” while Hizbollah is required to stop “all attacks.” The entire U.S.-Israeli war has been waged under the banner of “self-defense,” or defensive actions! What is needed is an unconditional ceasefire now and immediate Israeli withdrawal.

This draft resolution enshrines U.S.-Israeli impunity, while making it illegal for Hizbollah and the Lebanese people to resist. In this manner it is designed to eliminate a main principle on which the UN is based, which is the right of occupied peoples to resist and throw out their occupiers. It also ensures that any UN-armed force sent into Lebanon will not assist the people of Lebanon, as it is based on sanctioning the Israeli occupation and aggression.

President George W. Bush is insisting on this content and refusing to end U.S. backing and funding of Israel. Instead the U.S. continues to send more supplies of bombs and jet fuel. These weapons include illegal depleted uranium munitions and cluster bombs, both repeatedly being used against civilians.

The U.S. is also maneuvering with France, a former colonial power in Lebanon, to neutralize opposition to its dictate while still securing the ability to act with impunity. It is insisting that the main target of the resolution be the resistance of the Lebanese people, while making U.S.-Israeli crimes “legal.”

It is precisely this impunity of the U.S. and Israel that must be blocked. A UN resolution that sanctions impunity and opposes resistance stands directly against the rights of the people and the UN Charter itself. It will solve no problem.

It is the people of Lebanon, waging fierce resistance to defend their rights that is serving as a block to U.S.-Israeli impunity, standing against their crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity. By defending their sovereignty, and insisting that it be respected, by Israel, the U.S. and the UN, they are contributing to the cause of peace and security for the peoples.

It is the resistance of the Lebanese and Palestinians and worldwide support for it that is striking terror in the hearts of the U.S. imperialists and fully revealing both their desperation and their brutality. It shows that it is U.S. imperialism that must end, that it is imperialist war and aggression that must end, and that the resistance is contributing to this necessity.

Yet more war and aggression solves no problem and only intensifies the dangers facing all humanity. The fierce struggles of the peoples to defend their rights, in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, here in the U.S. is opening a way forward. It is urgent for all Americans to defend the right to sovereignty worldwide, support the resistance of the peoples and step up the resistance here in the U.S. The U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization salutes all those taking action today and for the past several weeks and calls on all to carry forward in the months ahead to strengthen the peoples’ forces.


National Emergency March on Washington
Saturday, August 12 -- 12:00 noon
White House
For information: http://www.internationalanswer.org/

Article Update - August 9, 2006

Unconditional Cease-Fire Now
U.S. Guilty of Qana Massacre, Guarantees More Crimes
Israel’s Terror
Human Shields: Shielding the Truth
The Logic of Israel’s War on Civilians
Hizbollah Is a Resistance Organization, Not a Militia

Article Update - August 7, 2006

World Condemnation of U.S.-Israeli Crimes
“No Place for War Criminals Among Us!”
Declaration Against the Israeli War on Lebanon
Irish Refuse U.S. Bomb Shipments Headed for Israel
Legal Proceedings against British Government
Opposition to Military Shipments to Israel

U.S.-Israeli State Terrorism
Israeli Carnage Triggers Global Outrage Israel Taking Vengeance on Lebanese, Palestinian Civilians
Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens Requiring Immediate Action by President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and Prime Minister Olmert
Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon

Article Update - August 6, 2006

Defending Lebanese Sovereignty

Al-Jazeera Interview
Hizbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah

Article Update - August 1, 2006

Build the Resistance by Defending Rights
All Out to Oppose US-Israeli Aggression!
Build the Resistance to Defeat U.S.-Zionist State Terror! Hold Harper and His Government Responsible for Crimes Against the Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity!

National Lawyers Guild
Act Now Against Israel’s Brutal Aggression Against Palestine And Lebanon
Statement from Fourth International Convention
Stand Against Inhumanity of Israeli and U.S. Aggression
Bush Is Overruling Democracy

Young Woman Reports from Lebanon
“They Will Never Destroy Our Will to Achieve Peace and Justice”
“Long ago, the Lebanese learned how to eat grass...”
Lebanese People Determined to Survive

Oppose War Crimes
Israel Aerial Bombardment Targets Civilian Infrastructure
Israel Intensifies Offensive Against Lebanese

For Your Information
Statements from Republicans and Democrats on Israeli Aggression Against Lebanon and Palestine
Senate and House Pass Resolutions Backing Israeli Aggression
U.S. Troops in Lebanon

Article Update - July 17, 2006

End all U.S. Support for Israel
Break the Siege on the Palestinian People
Stop Israel’s Attacks on Gaza
End Collective Punishment of the Palestinian People
Apartheid Israel Worse than Apartheid South Africa
“Israeli War Crimes Destroying Prospects for Peace”
Cuba Condemns Israeli Military Aggression in the Gaza Strip

Lebanese Stand Their Ground Under Duress
"It is Israel which is scared. Not us. We are Lebanese..."

Article Update - July 13, 2006

Demonstrators Worldwide Demand
Stop U.S.-Israeli Crimes Against Humanity! Israel Out of Gaza Now!
Aggression Under False Pretenses
Israelis Terrorize Civilians, Vandalize Media, Bomb Charities The Score: 9,000 Prisoners to 1? -- Destroying the Gaza Strip

US is Nuclear and War Threat
Defend the DPRK’s Right to Sovereignty
DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Its Missile Launches
DPRK Opposes U.S. Deployment of New-Type Reconnaissance Plane China Hopes UN Response Helpful to Peace, Stability on Korean Peninsula Missile Mania: US and Japan Threaten North Korea

Article Update - July 10, 2006

Oppose Assault on Gaza
No To U.S.- Israeli War Crimes! End All U.S. Support for Israel! End the Occupation Now!
Criminal U.S.-Backed Israeli Assault on Gaza
US & Israel Create Humanitarian Crisis
Gaza Strip: The Politics of Water and Electricity
And Israel Shall Be Safe Again

Article Update - July 1, 2006

Step up Opposition to War Plans Against Korea
Salute the Struggle of the Korean People for Reunification

U.S. Launches “RIMPAC 2006”
Major Military Provocation Against Korean People
DPRK’s Stand on “RIMPAC- 2006”
Pyongtech Farmers Resist U.S. Military Base
Broad Support for Korean Reunification

U.S. Further Militarizing Japan
Patriot Missiles Targeted Against Korea

Reparations for U.S. War Crimes in Korea
Criminal U.S. Germ and Chemical Warfare
Korean War Letter Reveals Pentagon Policy of Shooting and Killing Unarmed Korean Civilians

June 15, 2000
North-South Joint Declaration on Peaceful Reunification

Article Update - June 25, 2006

No National Guard in New Orleans
Reject the Government’s Police-State Measures

Defend Katrina Survivors' Right to Return
Katrina Survivors Demonstrate for Right to Return
HUD to New Orleans Poor: “Go F(ind Housing) Yourself”
Organize for an International Tribunal on Katrina

Justice for Six Nations
Concert for Kanenhstaton a Big Success

Peace Has No Borders Actions
Broad Support for Soldiers Refusing to Serve
June 27 Day of Action
Refuse and Resist Illegal Iraq War

Article Update - June 19, 2006

Reparations Now
Juneteenth: Celebrate Resistance and Advance the Fight for Rights!

Conference in Ghana, July 22 to August 3, 2006
Create the Future: Transformation, Reparations, Repatriation and Reconciliation Reparations and the Demand for the Government to Pay

Poems by Langston Hughes
A New Song

Peoples Say No to Colonization of Puerto Rico
Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!
UN General Assembly Committee Urges Self-Determination for Puerto Rico

Article Update - June 15, 2006

Justice for Six Nations, No to Annexation
ATF Off Six Nations Land and Out of Canada!

Fake “Attempted Murder” Charges Laid Against Six Nations Defenders
OPP Colludes With ATF “Wackos from Waco”

Justice for the Six Nations
The State Must End Its Provocations Now
One Hundred Ontario First Nations Chiefs Support Six Nations
Update from Grand River

Are They Trying to Set Up a “Waco, Texas” Style Massacre?
Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy Press Release
Why Is the OPP Helping the U.S. “ATF” Spy on Six Nations?
What's "Windigo Psychosis"? Is ATF Mounting "Sitting Duck" Operation at Six Nations?

Article Update - June 14, 2006

Support Land Reclamation Caledonia, Ontario
Justice for Six Nations
The Power and the Peace Is in the People
Sage Advice on “Indigenous Protests and Occupations” from Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Congratulations for Thursday’s Historic Success!
Are Ontario and Canada Heading Towards a Police State?

Article Update - June 12, 2006

Crimes of Massacres and Torture Organized at the Top
No to U.S. State Terrorism Against Iraqi People

My Lai, Vietnam, 1968. Haditha, Iraq, 2005
Say No to U.S. War Crimes!
Military Officer Refuses to Fight in Iraq
U.S. Soldiers: Iraq Massacre Not Exception
Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq The Abominations of War

UN Committee Against Torture
U.S. Guilty of Repeated Crimes of Torture
UN Calls on U.S. to Close Guantánamo Concentration Camp
Conclusions and Recommendations of the UN Committee Against Torture

Article Update - May 31, 2006

Vets, Women, SOA Watch Take Action: United Stand Against Iraq War Crimes
Women Soldier Stands Firms in Refusal to Serve
Resisting Illegal War and Occupation Is Not a Crime
Code Pink Anti- War Action
Close the School of the Assassins
Easily Dispensable: Iraq's Children

Article Update - May 29, 2006

U.S. is the Criminal, Not Palestine!
Defend Palestine’s Right to Be
Hundreds of Organizations Oppose Government Attack on Palestine

House Resolution 4681
U.S. Tries to Criminalize Palestinian People and Government

Palestinian Banking System
U.S. Interfering Worldwide to Block Funds to Palestine
Attempt to Asphyxiate a People

Article Update - May 22, 2006

Bush Border “Security”
No to Annexation! No to Police State Measures to Divide the Peoples
Bush Proposal on Immigration

Defend Immigrant Rights
Mothers Organize Hunger Strike to Oppose Raids and Deportations
No Deal! No Compromise! No Hagel-Martinez!
Join the Battle Against Anti-Immigrant Legislation
Immigrants Rising!
AALDEF Statement on U.S. Immigration Reform Policy
LA City Council to Minutemen: Go Home!
Los Angeles City Council Resolution
Exploitation Without Borders
A Bracero Program for the Willing?
Failed Strategy of Militarization, Local Police and Vigilantes at Mexico Border

Conscientious Objectors Day May 15
Salute to War Resisters!
Support Our Troops, Anybody?

Article Update - May 15, 2006

Opposition to U.S. Imperialism Mounts
Peoples Demanding Fraternal Relations of Cooperation and Mutual Benefit
Fight for the Dignity and Rights of All!

May Day 2006: Millions March for Rights
No Business As Usual As Millions Demand Rights
Filipinos in NYC Say: Affirm Immigrants’ & Workers’ Rights Down With U.S. Imperialism!
Despite the Odds, Local Communities Take to the Streets on May 1st
On Being Black at a Latino March: Shout “Viva!” Two Worlds in Combat

Peoples of the Americas Defend Sovereignty
Stop Funding and Close the National Endowment For Democracy
Petition to End Funding for the National Endowment for Democracy
Latin America’s Time is Now
Bolivia: Jubilation Over Nationalization of Oil and Gas Resources
Brazilians Support Nationalization by Bolivia
Bolivia Joins Cuba and Venezuela in Organizing Trade Based on Mutual Benefit and Cooperation
Mexico: Brutal Attack on the Mineworkers’ Strike at Las Truchas

Article Update - May 8, 2006

May Day Worldwide
Peoples Stand Against War and Fight for Another World

New York City
350,000 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy

U.S. is Nuclear Threat
Hands Off Iran!
Iran Urges United Nations to Oppose U.S. Threats IAEA Finds No Proof of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Iran Demands IAEA Review Nuclear Dossier
Iran, Venezuela Reiterate Right to Peaceful Nuclear Technology
Fresh Data Sheds Light on U.S. Recognition of Israeli Nuclear Policy

Article Update - May 8, 2006

“A Day Without an Immigrant” May Day Actions

Workers in Their Millions March for Rights

Photos from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City!

Article Update - April 28, 2006

Salute to April 29 and May 1 Actions
One Humanity Rising Against War and Imperialism

As peoples here and worldwide prepare to take action on April 29 and May 1, what is coming to the fore is the growing resistance to U.S. imperialism. President George W. Bush, the chieftain of imperialism, is being denounced far and wide as a war criminal, to be impeached and punished for his crimes. The anger with the crimes against the Iraqi people is increasing and spreading. Everywhere, including among troops in Iraq, the demand is for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops. Everywhere, the internationalist spirit of the peoples can be seen in the stand that no ones sons and daughters should die for unjust wars. Together we say not one more Iraqi, not one more Iranian, not one more Afghanistani, not one more Korean, not one more American, No One! Read more....

Photos - New York City - April 29, 2006

Article Update - April 23, 2006

All Out for April 29 and May 1
We Are All Anti-Imperialist!
International May Day Actions for Immigrant Rights

Civil Death in the United States
New Federal Regulations Put 50 Million U.S. Residents at Risk
Documentation & the Security and Prosperity Partnership
People Have Rights by Virtue of Being Human — No One Is Illegal!

U.S. Imperialism: Hands of Iran!
Stop U.S. Nuclear Threats Against Iran!
No Military Action Against Iran
Tell Congress: Do Not Attack Iran

Article Update - April 13, 2006

April 10, 2006 - Phoenix, Arizona

140 Actions Nationwide
More Than One Million Protest Again for Immigrant Rights

Fighting for Immigrant Rights
Congress Must Face Reality: Immigrants Want Equality
Report from California Hunger Strikers

Impeach Bush! Troops Out Now!
Wisconsin Votes for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
Impeachment Resolutions in Cities and Towns Increase
Resolutions to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Article Update - April 10, 2006

All Out for May 1 Actions
Fighting for the Fraternal Unity of the Peoples
The Great American Boycott 2006 Divisive Measure Proposed: Senate Immigration Bill

Harper, Fox & Bush Summit - Cancun, Mexico
Oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership! Reject Single I.D. for North America
Document of 2006 Security and Prosperity Partnership

Latin America: Broad Opposition to U.S. Dictate
Protests Against Free Trade Agreements
Embracing Cheap Workers, Ignoring Their Welfare

Oppose U.S. Provocations
U.S. Launches Major Military Exercises in the
Caribbean as Warning

Article Update - April 7, 2006

April 10 Day of Action
Rally for Immigrant Rights!
We Produce, We Demand: Justice for All Workers

Defending Immigrant Rights
High School Youth Stand with Workers

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
Defend Antonio Camacho Negron
Demand Camacho Be Released from Solitary Confinement!
Freedom Month Calendar

Step Up Organized Resistance
Food Not Bombs Protests FBI Attacks

Article Update - April 3, 2006

Demonstrations Nationwide
Immigrants Say: No Second-Class Status!
No Welcome Here: An Immigrant’s Saga

For Your Information
House Immigration Bill Criminalizes Immigrants
Battle Royal Brews Over Immigration Reform

Harper, Fox and Bush Summit, Cancun Mexico
U.S. Seeks to Strengthen Annexation and Dictate
All Out to Oppose the Creation of a United States of North American Monopolies! Annexation No! Sovereignty Yes! Another World Is Possible!

Article Update - March 26, 2006

PHOTOS: Survivors and Vets March; Actions across the U.S. and World

March 18-20 Global Days of Action Against War
Defending Rights Builds Resistance to War!

Katrina Survivors and Veterans March
Bring Troops and Survivors Home Now

Article Update - March 20, 2006

Los Angeles, California; More March 8-19 Anti-War Photos

Salute to Vets and Survivors
Step Up The Organized Resistance to War and Reaction
Bring Troops and Survivors Home Now
Marchers Speak Out

Katrina Survivors
Appeal for Status as Internally Displaced Persons
For Your Information
UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

Global Womenís Strike 2006, U.S. & Worldwide
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives: Fighting for Our Loved Onesí Lives

Article Update - March 13, 2006

All Out for March Anti-War Actions
Strengthen Organized Resistance to War and Reaction
More than 100,000 Sign Anti-War Petition
March 18-19 Actions Across the Country
Three Years of War and Resistance
Books Not Bombs!
From Iraq to New Orleans - Stop the War on the Poor!
Global Call For Nonviolent Civil Resistance to End the U.S.-Led Occupation

Occupiers Out of Iraq Now
Who Benefits?
Whoís Behind the Kidnappings?
Iraqís Going According to Plan?

Article Update - March 8, 2006

March 8, 2006 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Women Say: "No to Bush's War: Out of Iraq"

International Womenís Day
Salute the Struggle of Women to End War and All Exploitation

All Out for International Women’s Day 2006!
Happy International Women’s Day!

Womenís Day Anti-War Actions
Events Organized Worldwide and in 65 U.S. Cities
U.S. and Iraqi Women Hold Anti-War Protest at UN Headquarters

Global Womenís Strike ñ March 8, 2006
End Poverty, War and Environmental Devastation ñ Invest in Caring Not Killing!
Global Womenís Strike 2006

Article Update - March 6, 2006

Education Is A Right!

Education is a Right
Let Us Discuss the Public Education System We Need

Town hall Meeting Blocks Public Participation
Superintendent Williamsí Proposal for Public Schools

Public Schools Require Public Discussion
We Must Organize Our Own Town Hall Meeting
Pataki Proposes $400 Million for Private Education

No to the Elimination of the Public
Proposed Charter School Legislation Increases Executive Authority and Limits Public Oversight

Articles Update - February 20, 2006

U.S. is the Nuclear Threat
Hands Off Iran!
International Campaign: Stop the War on Iran Before it Starts No to U.S. Imperialist Aggression: Reject the Warmongers and War Criminals
Illegal U.S. Raids Planned Publicly: Pentagon Prepares Iran Strike
Bush Administration Finalizes Military Attack on Iran Iran President Slams Bush and International Pressures

Reject Imperialist Provocations
Denmark Has Lost Its Innocence

We Demand Accountability
Opposition to Bush Reaction Continues to Mount
Green Party Cites War Crimes, Lawlessness: Congress Must Impeach Bush and Cheney
Campaign to Censure Bush and Cheney

Puerto Rico for the Puerto Ricans
Protests Oppose FBI Raids In Puerto Rico

Articles Update - February 13, 2006

Fight for Empowerment!
Reject Bush Demand for All to Stand Behind the Military
For Your Information: Bush State of the Union
Letter On Bush’s State the Union Address: What’s So Dangerous About T-shirts?

On the Need for New Arrangements
Interview with CPC(M-L) Leader Sandra L. Smith: Reject Dangerous Notion that Equilibrium Will Come from Uniting Under Bush

Views on the State of the Union
Bush's State of the Union Address The Bush War Economy: Exporting Jobs and Security

Continuing Coverage of the NSA SpyGate: Views from Congress
No President Is Above the Law Bush Is Not Listening to the Constitution

Articles Update - February 10, 2006

Justice After Katrina
Katrina Survivors Demand: Funding to Return and Rebuild Now!
Lower 9th Ward Residents Say, "We Are Here To Stay!"

Government Source of Insecurity
Florida SWAT Team Guns Down Eighth Grader
Keep Police Out of Our Schools “Shoot to Kill” in the Name of Security

Articles Update - February 6, 2006

State of the Union Actions
Tens of Thousands Say: Drive Out the Bush Regime Now!
Briefs on Actual State of the Union

Justice After Katrina
Katrina Workers Win Demands at Contractor-Run Campsite Louisiana’s Coastal Tribes Demand Assistance
Spring Break in New Orleans
Katrina Survivors Rally, February 8-9, 2006, Washington, DC

FEMA Maps for New Orleans: Plans to Justify Removal of African American Population
Katrina Congressional “Investigations”: Setting the Stage for Increased Use of Military

Articles Update - February 1, 2006

NSA Spygate
Failure of U.S. State Shows Necessity for New Arrangements

Views on the NSA Spy Scandal
Bush Must Be Held Accountable Bush and Wiretaps: Congress, Citizens, This Means War Note to Mr. Bush: The U.S. is Not a Monarchy Big Brother Bush

For Your Information
The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court
Constitutional References in the NSA Spygate Debate
Authorization for Use of Military Force: September 18, 2001

Significance of the Canadian Election Results
TML Daily Interview with MLPC Leader Sandra L. Smith
Discussion on the Election Results: Contributions Sent to the MLPC

Articles Update - January 30, 2006

Katrina Survivors Rally

February 8-9, 2006
Washington, DC

Demand Right to Return and Funds to Rebuild

Gulf Coast Action March 14-19
Veterans and Survivors to March for Justice

Strengthen the Peoples' Organized Forces
New Orleans MLK March: Residents Vow Not to Wait for City or FEMA to Rebuild Bay Area Evacuees Council: Katrina Evacuees Denounce FEMA & Relief Agencies
ACORN Preserves 200th House in New Orleans! HANO Provides Housing for Home Depot: Housing Authority Denies Public Housing to Residents City Agrees to Notify Homeowners: Bulldozing Halted by Ninth Ward Victory
Radio Program Assists Survivors: Keeping New Orleans United
Reconstruction Workers Challenge Extortion by City Officials & “Labor Coyotes”
Al Awda, Palestine Right of Return Coalition: Stop Funding Racism! Build Levees, Not Walls!

Significance of the Canadian Election Results
MLPC Leader Congratulates Candidates on Participation in Federal Election
Interview with MLPC Leader Sandra L. Smith

Articles Update - January 25, 2006

NSA Spygate Scandal
No to Government Impunity! Advance the Fight for Empowerment!
ACLU Sues to Stop NSA Spying
ANSWER Coalition Files FOIA Request: Pentagon Spying on the Anti-War Movement

For Your Information
The NSA Program NSA One of Many Federal Agencies Spying on Americans

Views on NSA Spy Scandal
An Unnecessary Breach of Law
British, U.S. Spying Draws Us Closer to Orwell’s Big Brother NSA is No Ordinary Spy Shop A Gestapo Administration

Articles Update - January 23, 2006

Elections in Canada
There is an Alternative to Fascism and War

MLPC Candidates Speak Out
Crisis of Stelco’s Restructuring Plan: It is Time to Consider USW Local 1005’s Plan Questions from Flamborough Review and Dundas Star News: “Why Should Residents of this Riding Vote for You?”Call to the Youth of the Outaouais and All Quebec: Statement of Marxist- Leninist Youth Candidates in Hull-Aylmer & Pontiac and the Outaouais MLPC Youth Committee

Verdict of Canadians on the 39th General Election...

Highlights of the Work of MLPC
Windsor MLPC Involves Youth in Political Affairs
Sudbury Political Affairs Discussion Group Launches 2006 Election Series
Sudbury Political Affairs Discussion Group: Significance of Gomery Inquiry and the Need to Oppose Attempts to Isolate Quebec

From the MLPC Program
Reject More Violence Against the Youth in the Form of Repression and Prisons! Together Let Us Build a World Where Our Youth Have Pride of Place and Their Rights Are Guaranteed!
Humanizing the Social and Natural Environments

"For the First Time, We Are Presidents": Indigenous Leader Wins Presidency with Big Majority
We Must Strengthen Anti-Imperialist Thinking: Evo Morales, New President of Bolivia
For George W. Bush, A Victory by Morales Could Not Come at a Worse Time

Articles Update - January 16, 2006

End the War and Occupation! Charge Bush WIth War Crimes!
Hundreds of Anti-war Actions Mark Beginning of New Year
City Council Resolution: Arcata Calls for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney
Cities with Bring the Troops Home Resolutions

Justice After Katrina
Organizers Step Up Efforts to Defend Rights to Housing and to Return and Rebuild
January 14 - February 4, 2006: Finding Our Folk Tour
Common Ground: Women Find Hope at Center
For Your Information: Updates from New Orleans
Lower 9th Ward Activists Chase Away Bulldozer Crew Buried Lives, Big Easy Profits: Bulldozing the Dead in New Orleans

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