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Fight for an Anti-War Government


USMLO is putting forward for discussion the following proposal for the program for an anti-war government:

1) Outlaw any and all U.S. involvement in wars of aggression and the use of force in settling conflicts between nations and peoples;

2) No U.S. Troops Abroad;

3) Cancel the Debts of all the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America;

4) Pay Reparations Now for all the crimes of slavery and all crimes of the U.S. government, present and past; and

5) End all support for Israel and act to end the occupation of Palestine now, beginning with withdrawal to the 1967 borders.


Article Update - November 23, 2009

Sovereignty Yes, Annexation No!
U.S. Bases and Troops Out of Colombia NOW!
Comrade Fidel: The Annexation of Colombia to the United States
Venezuela Increases Security Measures Due to U.S. Threat in Colombia
Air Force Document Reveals True U.S. Plans for Bases in Colombia
ALBA Member Nations Protest U.S. Bases in Colombia
Joint Declaration of Special Meeting of UNASUR Council of Leaders
Resolution on U.S. Military Bases, Presence of U.S. Fourth Fleet and Militarization of the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean


Article Update - November 16 , 2009

Swine Flu Scare Used to Attack the Public
New Yorkers Reject Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine
Obama Administration Launches Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz To Counter Criticism from Scientific and Medical Community Letter from Healthcare Workers to NY Commissioner Daines and People of New York State
Nurses Win Settlement for Swine Flu Hospital Safety Measures Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not be Given to Children in Schools
Pennsylvania Drafts Mandatory Vaccination Law
Why Are 122 Dead Americans Every Day Not a National Health Emergency?

Article Update - November 2, 2009

7th ALBA Summit
ALBA Demonstrates an Alternative to Imperialism Can Be Done!
Seventh ALBA Summit Prioritizes the Planet and Developing Nations
Social Summit in Cochabamba
SUCRE to Reduce Dependence on Dollar for Trade within ALBA
ALBA: A Relevant Model
Venezuela’s Chavez Invites U.S. Labor Unions to ALBA

Article Update - October 30, 2009

Normalize Relations with Cuba
End the Blockade of Cuba Now! Salute Cuba’s Victory at the United Nations
The Blockade Against Cuba is a Unilateral and Criminal Policy
African Opposition to U.S. Blockade
Growing Opposition to the Genocidal Blockade
Abandon the Cuba Blockade
Representative McGovern Called for U.S. to Abstain on Cuba Vote
Richmond, California Mayor Welcomes National Network On Cuba

Article Update - October 27, 2009

Obama End All Support for Coup Regime!
President Zelaya: Talks Exhausted, Other Actions Planned
What Micheletti Wants: Recognition Before Restitution
OAS Statements on Honduras
Brazil Condemns Torture by Honduran Coup Regime
The Sound and Fury of the Honduran Coup: Acoustic and Chemical Attacks on Brazilian Embassy
How Much Repression Will Hillary Clinton Support in Honduras?
The Sordid History of Lewis Amselem

Article Update - October 26 2009

Support Constituent Assembly
Support Honduran Resistance
National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d'Etat
Resistance Determined to Organize Constituent Assembly
Honduran Resistance: A Giant Awakens
After 517 Years the Resistance Continues and Deepens
U.S. Indicates It Will Recognize Elections in Honduras Organized by Coup Regime
Senator DeMint Calls for U.S. to Recognize Planned Elections
Arias Calls for Support for November Elections in Honduras

Article Update - October 22 2009

October 22
National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation
New Orleans Action Against Police BrutalityOakland, California: One More Reason for a Powerful October 22nd Protest
Nationwide Actions Against Police Brutality

Article Update - October 20, 2009

U.S. and Israel Guilty of War Crimes
Arabs Meet to Discuss Strategy to Bring Goldstone Report to UN General Assembly
Non-Aligned Movement Calls on Security Council to Hold Israel Responsible for Gaza Crimes
Jewish Appeal to Support the Goldstone Report

For Your Information
Excerpts from the Goldstone Report
U.S. Statement to the UNHRC’s Twelfth Special Session in Response to the Goldstone Report
Statement of Israeli President on the Goldstone Mission Report

Article Update - October 19, 2009

End U.S Imperialist and Zionist Impunity!
Goldstone Report Finds Israel Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza
Resistance is the Path to Peace
U.S. Organizes to Block Action on the Goldstone Report
UN Human Rights Council Endorses Gaza Report and Condemns Israel
Highlights of Goldstone Report
Statement by Goldstone on the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict
Why Goldstone Matters

Article Update - October 15, 2009

No to Criminalization of Public Spaces and Resources
Reject Police State Measures Attacking the Public
G-20 Live Police State Exercise
Men Arrested for G-20 Twittering Defend Right to Free Speech
Police Brutally Attack Oakland Students and Residents The G-20: A Guest with an Iron Fist Pittsburgh Police Statement on Massive Deployment Against Youth

Article Update - October 13, 2009

U.S. Out of Puerto Rico Now!
Puerto Ricans Organize Mass Protests Against Layoffs and Attacks on the Nation
Demonstrate in Support of Puerto Rican Resistance Support Puerto Rico’s Struggle Against Colonialism
Hold the Thieves Accountable
Puerto Rican Freedom Album Now Available
Machetero Showing in NYC

Article Update - October 12, 2009

End All U.S. Support for Illegal Coup Government
Anti-Coup Forces Mark 100 Days of Resistance in Honduras
Peasant Political Prisoners Declare Indefinite Hunger Strike Resistance Will Accept Dialogue If Repressive Measures Suspended Honduras Coup Regime Opens Fire Against Youth and Union Members

Article Update - October 9, 2009

Defend Immigrant Rights!
March & Rally for Immigration Reform October 13
Protest Against the Abusive and Racist Homeland Security 287g Program
Advocates Issue Statement Condemning Expansion of DHS’ Failed 287(g) Program

Record Number Jailed Solely for Immigration Status

The Fight for Equality and Contributions of Chinese Immigrants

Senator Cedillo Introduces Resolution Calling for Moratorium on Raids and Deportations

Article Update - October 5, 2009

Join October Actions
All Out to Oppose the War in Afghanistan! All U.S. Troops Home Now
Join us at the White House to Act Against the Afghanistan War!
Youth Oppose Military Recruiters
Chicago Actions Against War in Afghanistan
Eyes Wide Open Exhibit
Veterans for Peace: October Actions Opposing War in Afghanistan
October 17: Troops Out Now

Article Update - October 2, 2009

All Out to Support the People of Honduras!

October 2: International Day of Solidarity with the Honduran People
Resistance Front says ‘We Will Not Rest Until Victory’ Phoenix Honduras Solidarity Action Call the State Department Today to Demand All Aid to Honduras Be Cut and Zelaya Restored to Power Demands at UN for Rule of Law
Inter-American Human Rights Commission Condemns Suspension of Rights
OAS: Mass Violation of Human Rights Would Justify Immediate Intervention
The Second Honduran Coup Came Today Because the First One Failed
Honduras Coup Leader Micheletti Decrees 45-Day Suspension of Constitution

Article Update - September 24, 2009

Salute the People of Honduras and Their Resistance!
Statement of National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d'État
Stop the Use of Chemical Weapons by the Armed Forces! San Antonio, Texas: Emergency Protest in Solidarity with Honduras Declaration about the Situation in Honduras by ALBA Member Countries in the OAS
Statement from Cuban Parliament on Situation in Honduras
Latin American Leaders
Resolution to Condemn the Coup D'état in Honduras and to Show Solidarity with the Honduran People and Progressive and Left-wing Political Parties
Update on Unfolding Events

Article Update - September 21, 2009

Salute Resistance to the G-20
One Humanity, One Struggle
National Call for Action on the G-20 Summit The People’s Uprising! Power from Below, Not Impositions from Above A Global Week of Solidarity with the Unemployed
G-20 Summit Organizing at a Glance
Marchers Demand “Free Speech Not Free Trade” Activists Call for Free Speech and Climate Progress at the G-20 Pittsburgh Resistance Project Update Pittsburgh Organizing Principles
G-20 Not Meeting April Promises to Poorest Countries UN’s Ban Presses G-20 Leaders to Meet Commitments

Article Update - September 11, 2009

September 11 Anniversary
Our Security Lies in Our Fight for Rights
U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now!
Military Leery of Afghanistan Escalation With No Clear Goals October Actions to End War in Afghanistan

Article Update - September 1 , 2009

End Indefinite Detention and Torture Now
No to the “Super-Jail” and Government Impunity!
Super-Jail Planned
President Defies Federal Courts and Refuses to Release Yemeni Detainees
ACLU Testifies Against Fatally Flawed Military Commissions

Obama’s Guantánamo Appeasement Plan

Article Update - August 27, 2009

End Detention Camps
Family Detention Camp Hutto to Close as Work Continues to Defend Rights
Same Dog, Different Collar

Petition to President Obama to End Family Detention
Government Continues to Reject Demand for Enforceable Standards at Detention Centers
Groups Demand Napolitano End Attacks on Rights at Louisiana Facility
Report Documents Attacks on Rights at Detention Centers

Michigan Prison: Hundreds Protest ‘Supermax’ Torture of Continuous Solitary Confinement
Statement by ICE on Immigration Detention System

ICE Secure Communities Program is Another Mechanism for Attacks on Rights

Article Update - July 13, 2009

End U.S. Aid and Support for Israel
End the Siege of Gaza Now! End the Occupation Now!
$1 Million in Vehicles and Medical Supplies Blocked at Gaza Border Defend Palestinian Resistance to Illegal Apartheid Wall
Protests Against the Wall

Honduras and El Salvador
Illegitimate Coup Government Assassinates Two Honduran Leaders, Expels Journalists and Hires Top Democrats as Lobbyists
FLMN Representative to Tour U.S.

Article Update - July 10 , 2009

All Out to Support the People of Honduras
U.S. Must Break Ties and Funding to Coup Leaders Now!
Resistance to Honduras Coup Continues
Oppose Any Attempt to Legitimate the Coup
Latin America Scholars Say Anything Less Than Urgent Restoration of Zelaya to Office Would Usurp the Will of the Honduran People
Reflections by Comrade Fidel: The Coup Dies or Constitutions Die
Honduras and the "Twin-Track" Policy of the United States The Role of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in the Honduran Coup

For Your Information
Message from President Zelaya to the Honduran People,
Remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Meeting with President Zelaya of Honduras,

Article Update - July 3 , 2009

Salute Resistance in Honduras
Demand Obama Break All Ties with Coup Leaders and Act to Ensure Zelaya's Safe Return to Power
Hondurans on Strike against Coup d’Etat
President Zelaya to Return to Honduras July 4
International Delegation Supports Honduran Resistance Workers Uniting Condemns Military Coup in Honduras
Nearly 2,000 World Personalities Demand Zelaya’s Reinstatement
Rio Group Condemns Coup and Demands Unconditional Return to Power of Zelaya
Coup Government in Honduras Suspends Constitutional Rights
Honduran Coup Leader SOA Graduate

Article Update - July 2, 2009

Demand U.S. Act to End Siege of Gaza Now
Demand U.S. Act Now to End Siege of Gaza and Guarantee Safe Passage for Spirit of Humanity and the “Free Gaza 21”
Green Party Demands U.S. Take Action Emergency Demonstrations Demand the Release of Gaza Aid Boat
and End of Gaza Siege Now!

We are NOT the “Story” — End the Siege of Gaza! Spirit of Humanity Activists Report from Israeli Prison Haneyya: Israeli Hijaking of Spirit of Humanity An Act of Piracy
State Department Remarks on Seizure of Spirit of Humanity
UNRWA:Israeli Siege Takes Gaza Back to the Middle Ages
Israel Continues Attacks on Civilians in Gaza Criminal Use of Drones Against Civilians in Gaza

Article Update - June 29, 2009

Oppose Coup D'etat in Honduras
NYC: Emergency Rally in Support of Honduras
Detroit: Demonstration to Protest the Military Coup D'état in Honduras
ALBA, SICA and the Rio Group Organizing to Defend Honduran Democracy
The Fascist Coup d’état Against President Zelaya is an Insult to all the Peoples
ALBA Declaration on Honduras Coup D'etat
Non-Aligned Movement Statement
Remarks by President Obama at Press Briefing with President Aribe
Statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Organizations in Bolivia and Panama Protest Coup in Honduras
Commentary and Updates on Coup in Honduras

Article Update - June 28, 2009

Restore President Zelaya to Power
Oppose the Coup D’etat in Honduras! Demand Obama Act to Stop Aid to Coup Leaders and Restore President Zelaya to Power Now! Action Alert: Oppose Coup in Honduras!
President Zelaya Speaks from Costa Rica
Hondurans Resist Coup
Reflections by Comrade Fidel Castro: A Suicidal Mistake
President Obama’s Statement on Honduras
ALBA Statement on Honduras
Additional News on the Coup
Venezuela and ALBA Back Honduran President Against Potential Coup

Article Update - June 24, 2009

Hands Off Korea!
U.S. Efforts to Provoke War Are Crimes Against the Peace
Major War Exercises Targeting DPRK
U.S. "Alliance" for Aggression Opposed
DPRK Condemns U.S. Interference in Internal Affairs of Other Countries
Navy Plans to Turn Pacific Northwest Coast Into Target Range
Korea Peace Campaign
Criminal U.S. Germ and Chemical Warfare

Article Update - June 22, 2009

Obama, Free the Cuban Five Now!
Demonstrations Worldwide Demand: Free the Cuban Five!
Message from René González Responding to the Supreme Court Decision
Declaration of the Presidency of Cuba’s National Assembly on the Supreme Court’s Decision Not to Review the Cuban Five Case
The Cuban Five: Defending the Right to Exist
Free the Cuban Five, Mr. President US Reverend Demands Justice for the Cuban Five
International Association of Democratic Lawyers Back the Cuban 5
U.S. Has Its Own History of Terrorism Against Cuba

Article Update - June 18, 2009

Salute Juneteenth Festivals
Celebrating Resistance and Fighting for Rights
Juneteenth Maafa Memorials
All Roads Lead to Juneteenth 2009
Free the San Francisco Eight!
African-Americans Death Rate Higher Due to Treatable and Preventable Diseases
State Racism Means 40% of Prisoners Are African American

Article Update - June 16, 2009

Support Korean Reunification

Eliminate the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella! Support Korean Reunification!
Withdraw UN Security Council Resolution 1874
U.S. Policy Toward North Korea Fails to Engage

Reports from Korean Central News Agency
U.S. Rebuked for Escalating Tension on Korean Peninsula
U.S. Urged to Give up Its Nuclear War Scenario
All Koreans Called on to Open Decisive Phase for National Reunification
Korea’s Independence Basis for Strengthening Internationalism

Resistance in south Korea
South Koreans Defend Democracy Against U.S.-Organized Attacks
South Korean Celebration of June 15 Declaration
UNSC Retract “Resolution on Sanctions” against DPRK
South Korean Government Denounced for Joining the
Proliferation Security Initiative

Reference Materials
Joint Vision for the Alliance of the U.S. and the Republic Of Korea UN Security Council Resolution 1874 for Sanctions Against the DPRK
Top U.S. Diplomat in Asia Dictates Terms to DPRK

Article Update - June 10 , 2009

Normalize Relations with Cuba
End the Blockade Against Cuba Now! Free the Cuban Five!
Summit of Indigenous Peoples Demands U.S. End Blockade of Cuba
20th Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba Opposes Blockade
Cuba Caravan Materials to Contribute
Demonstrate to Free the Cuban Five!
Upcoming Events to Free the Five
Obama Grant Visas for the Cuban 5 Families
Obama Could and Should Withdraw the False Charges Against the Five

Cuba Vindicated by OAS Vote
Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba
Cuba, the U.S. and the OAS

Article Update - June 8, 2009

Viva Puerto Rico Libre!
End Colonization of Puerto Rico Now! Free All Political Prisoners Now!

All Puerto Rico for Puerto Rico
Rally Defends Puerto Rican Patriots
Letter to Obama: We Are the Puerto Rican People
Statement of the Six Puerto Rican Protesters
Free Carlos Alberto Torres Now
Message from Carlos Alberto Torres on the Occasion of El Grito de Lares
For Your Information: Puerto Rican Political Prisoners


Article Update - June 5, 2009

U.S. Threatens Peace and Democracy
Oppose U.S.-Israeli Interference in Elections in Lebanon and Iran
U.S. is Biggest Threat to World Peace! Reject War Hysteria Using Threat of Nuclear Weapons
Vice President Biden Visits Lebanon
U.S. Official Attempts to Influence Outcome of Lebanese Elections
Israeli Military Holds Drill Simulating All-Out War
Hezbollah Will Take Precautions During Israeli Maneuvers
Nasrallah: Der Spiegel and Israel Teamed for Murder
Remarks by President Obama During Visit of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu
Obama’s Appointment of McChrystal Shows Embrace of Military Conquests and Empire Building


Article Update - June 3, 2009

Salute Rejection of U.S. Dictate
Salute OAS Vote Handing a Defeat to U.S. Dictate
and Annexationist Aims

OAS Revokes Resolution Excluding Cuba
OAS Resolution Demonstrates We Are Not U.S. Colonies Anymore
The OAS is an Instrument of the U.S. to Dominate Latin America
ALBA Demonstrates that Another World is Possible
U.S. Stand on OAS Resolution Lifting Ban on Cuba's Participation
OAS Crisis of Legitimacy
The Trojan Horse
The OAS, an Unburied Political Cadaver and Hillary Clinton’s Retrograde Thinking

Article Update - June 1, 2009

The Shameful History of the OAS

Article Update - May 28, 2009

Normalize Relations with DPRK
Hands Off Korea!
DPRK Conducts Underground Nuclear Test
DPRK Condemns South Korea’s Membership in Proliferation Security Initiative
South Korea's Full Participation in PSI is a Declaration of War Against the DPRK
U.S. Hostile Policy toward DPRK
Understanding and Ending the Conflict in Korea
Our Task of Reunification is Urgent
Hands Off the Movement for Korean Reunification!
South Koreans Oppose Suppression of Pro-Reunification Organizations
Violation of Human Rights in South Korea: Open Letter from Korean Democratic Lawyers Association
Text of North-South Joint Declaration

Article Update - May 25, 2009

Healthcare is a Right!
Swine Flu Outbreak
Mexico: The Influenza Epidemic and Self-Sufficiency in Healthcare
Industrial Hog Farming Is Just Like Wall Street Who benefits from the H1N1 influenza virus epidemic?
Reflections on the Swine Flu Epidemic Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms Department of Defense Funding for “Human Terrain Mapping” in Mexico

Article Update - May 15, 2009

End U.S. Support for Israel! End the Occupation Now!
Palestinians Mark Nakba Day by Demanding Their Right to Return
New Orleans Delegation Heads to Gaza Seventh Annual International Al-Awda — Palestine Right of Return Convention
The Old Still Live Through Us, the Young Will Never Forget War Crimes Against Palestinian Children Billions Promised, but Gazans Still Waiting
Resistance to Continued Blockade of Gaza

Article Update - May 13, 2009

Stop All War Funding
Demand Congress Stop All War Funding! Stop U.S. Killings and Displacement of Civilians Now
IVAW Demonstrates Against War Funding
Get Out of Iraq, Get Out Afghanistan, Come Home, America War Funding: Appearance of Reductions Hide Reality of More War
President Obama's War Budget Afghanistan and Pakistan: Stop Killings and Displacement of Civilians
Pragmatism: A Philosophy of Monopoly Capitalism, Fascism and War
Obama, Pakistan, and the Rule of LawThe Drones Are Coming: New War on Civilians

Article Update - May 11, 2009

Education is a Right
Stimulus Package Education Funds: Carrots, Sticks and the Crisis of Legitimacy
Arne Duncan on Using “Carrots and Sticks” to Increase Federal Control of Local Schools
Educational Provisions of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
Exterminating Public Schools in the U.S.

Article Update - May 7, 2009

May Day 2009
Workers and Peoples Worldwide Demonstrate for Rights
Canada: Steelworkers Hold May Day Rally and March in Hamilton, Canada
Workers and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries, Unite!
Mexico: The Working Class will Build the Future
Cuba: The Inalienable Decision to Build Socialism

Article Update - May 4, 2009

May Day 2009
Workers and Peoples of All Countries Demonstrate for Rights (photos)

Article Update - April 23, 2009

Seventh ALBA Summit
Capitalism is Putting an End to Humanity and the Planet
Only Unity Will Set Us Free
Cuba Reaffirms Stand in Solidarity with the Peoples of the Americas
South American Nations Meet in Venezuela to Lay Foundation for Bank of the South

Article Update - April 20, 2009

Fourth Peoples' Summit
Peoples’ Summit of the Americas
No More Exclusion, Neoliberalism, “Free Trade”or Militarization
For a New Economic Model Based on Mutual Benefit
Message to North American Leaders Attending the Fifth Summit of the Americas
Open Letter to President Obama Regarding the Fifth Summit of the Americas
Puerto Rican Activist Blocked from Participation in Peoples’ Summit

Article Update - April 13, 2009

Education is a Right
Education is A Right, Not a Dream
KIPP Charter Schools: Attacking Rights in the Name of "Closing the Achievement Gap"
The Duncan Doctrine: The Military-Corporate Legacy of the New Secretary of Education
Duncan’s Record in Chicago Shows: People Must Step Up the Fight for Public Control of Education

Article Update - April 6, 2009

Dismantle NATO Now!
World Says No to Imperialist War and Demands Alternatives (photos)

Article Update - April 3, 2009

G-20 Summit in Britain
Mass Demonstrations Demand Human-Centered Alternatives to the Crisis
Global Economic Crisis and Disequilibrium within the Imperialist System of States
G20 Actions Against War: G20 Meltdown
April 1 & 2: Protest at London G20 Summit

Article Update - March 30 , 2009

Land Day 2009: Palestinians Rooted and Resisting

A Doctor from Galilee Speaks to Significance of Land Day

Here We Shall Remain
Deir Hannon Commemorates Land Day
Israelis, Internationals Join Palestinian Protest Against Jerusalem Home Demolitions

Israeli Committee Calls for an Immediate End to House Demolitions

Activists Confront AIPAC Donors with Checkpoint Outside Fundraiser

Call to Action Against Israel’s War on Palestine
The Haverford Campaign Calls for Divestment from Israel
Palestinian Land Day Celebrated as Part of March 30 Global Action Day to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel

Article Update - March 27, 2009

Actions Across the Country and Worldwide Demand U.S. End Wars and Occupations Now! (report and photos)

Article Update - March 23, 2009

DC March 21 Protest
All U.S. Troops Home Now! End U.S. Imperialist Wars and Occupations Now! (photos)

Article Update - March 18, 2009

Sixth Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
All Out For Anti-War Actions!

USMLO Salutes All the Anti-War Activists!

All Out for Anti-War Actions!
Vigorously Oppose U.S. War Hysteria
Anti-war Forces Call for National and Local Actions
Local Actions Across the Country
Jam Up the War Machine

End the Occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine! Stop the Government’s War on Immigrants!

Chicago Activists Score Win Against Daley Administration Over Right to March
Bring All Our Troops Home From Iraq Now!

Veterans Say Leaving 50,000 Troops in Iraq is No “Withdrawal”

I Am the Anti-war Movement

G20 Actions Against War

Protest at London G20 Summit

Article Update - March 13, 2009

No to U.S. War Hysteria
Hands Off Korea!
DPRK Condemns U.S. Warmongering and War Exercises in Korea

KPA Orders All Its Soldiers to Be Fully Combat Ready

South Koreans Oppose U.S. War Games
Cancel the Aggressive U.S. War Exercises! U.S. Troops Must Be Withdrawn!

No U.S. Troops in Mexico
Admiral Mullen Visits Mexico to Increase Military Cooperation

Article Update - March 10, 2009

U.S. & Israel Have a Duty to Fund Gaza Reconstruction
Defend Palestine’s Right to Be
Palestinian Forces Organizing to Develop Unity Government

Hamas:Rebuilding Gaza Is a Humanitarian Mission and Should Not Be Politicized
UN Envoy Says Gaza Borders Must Open

Oppose Israeli Apartheid
Standing United with the People of Gaza
Bil’in Residents and International Activists Oppose Apartheid Wall
General Strike Opposes Planned Evictions
Defending Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem U.S. Trade Unionists Support South African and Australian Dockers’ Boycott of Israeli Cargo

U.S. Divide and Conquer Efforts
U.S. Military Training Palestinians in West Bank
Did Clinton Sabotage a Palestinian Reconciliation?

Article Update - March 6, 2009

International Women’s Day 2009
Support the Struggle of Women in Defense of the Rights of All!
International Women’s Day Event in U.S.
Tenth Global Women’s Strike
Some Facts on Conditions of Women

Article Update - March 2, 2009

All U.S. Troops Home Now
NO to a War Budget!
A People’s Campaign to Defund the War
Facts on War Budget
Where the Money Goes The Abolition of Military Bases: Ending Imperialist Intervention
Close 1000 U.S. Bases Abroad

Article Update - February 27, 2009

Stop Deportations of Haitians! Legalization Now!
Letter to Department of Homeland Security Demanding Equal Rights for Haitians
Petition Demands: Stand with People of Haiti
U.S. Discriminatory Immigration Policies Toward Haitians Salute to the Haitian People
The Rebirth of Konbit in Haiti
Haiti: Racism and Poverty
Haiti is All of Us!
Haiti - 5 Years After the Coup
House Bill To Establish the Independent Commission on the 2004 Coup d’Etat in the Republic of Haiti

Article Update - February 9, 2009

U.S. and the Rule of Law
The U.S. and the Rule of Law
U.S. Bagram Prison Camp and Government Renditions
Attorney General Indicates Possibility of New Guantánamo Inside the U.S.
Obama Administration Should Renounce Unconstitutional Policy of Indefinite Detention
Close Torture Loopholes, Physicians' Group Urges
President Obama, Close Angola Prison

For Your Information
Executive Orders Concerning Guantánamo
The Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri Case
Geneva Conventions Common Article Three
U.S. Constitution on Courts, Prisons and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Article Update - January 21, 2009

Obama's Ascension to Power

Article Update - January 11, 2009

World's People Demand:
Gaza's Blood on U.S. Hands! Resistance is a Right!
Stop the Killing, Stop the Crimes, Israel Out of Palestine! (photos U.S.)

rticle Update - January 1, 2009

Actions Worldwide Say:
No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes! All Out to Support the Resistance!

U.S. Actions
Worldwide Actions

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